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Homescapes is a matching game with a puzzle element that is available for mobile platforms on the App Store and Google Play. Homescapes was created by Playrix Entertainment and is the successor to their 2010 game Gardenscapes.


The gameplay involves matching two or more items in the level. The player can either match by swapping items, or by swapping the position of them. The player can also use Bombs to remove items with three or more items in a row. They can also use the Extra Life pick-ups to give themselves an extra life in the game.


The graphics in Homescapes were designed to give an old house with a broken down garden a new life. They are designed to look like a painting, and the sound effects of Homescapes also give off a realistic sound. The graphics in Homescapes are a combination of light and dark colors, and are very clear.

Information about replayability of Homescapes

Homescapes offers a lot of replayability. The levels are well designed, and the game offers new challenges for the player. The player has to make sure they collect all the stars in a level in order to unlock new levels. There are also daily rewards for completing levels and playing them on a certain day.


Homescapes is a very addictive, easy-to-pick-up game with a lot of replayability. It is a good game for beginners, but it will not be challenging enough for intermediate players. Homescapes has a lot of advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that are worth noting.


  • Homescapes is a very fun, addictive game that is easy to pick up
  • Homescapes has a lot of replayability, and new levels are unlocked with stars
  • Homescapes has relaxing music that is not too loud, and is not a distraction
  • There are not any ads in the game, and no in-app purchases
  • The graphics in Homescapes are a combination of light and dark colors and are very clear
  • The game is designed to look like a painting, and the sound effects are realistic
  • Homescapes offers a lot of challenges for the player


  • The player has to have a Facebook account in order to play Homescapes
  • The levels are not as challenging as they were in Gardenscapes
  • The game is more for beginners than intermediate players
  • The design of the game is not very original
  • The player can be stuck on a level for a long time


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