Zelda: Link's Awakening — All Secret Seashell Locations

  • 02-10-2019 |
  • Polad Aladi

The remade Link’s Awakening is probably one of the most awaited games for Nintendo Switch, being a real consolation for those missing the original version for Game Boy back in the 1990s, and a revelation for those unfamiliar with this installment. Being largely hermetic and built around Link’s escape from the island, it follows the original narrative very closely, in terms of both gameplay and its magic surreal feel. Still, the visuals are revamped completely, and details are a bit different, so it’s a remake, not a repeat.

One of the changes concerns seashells that are more numerous now. In the original version there were twenty-six seashells to collect, and on collecting twenty Link obtained the magic sword. Now the number is increased to fifty, and it will take a few unexpected moves to collect them.

Secret Seashells and Where to Find Them

If you have run out of patience when trying to collect them all, you can check the map that displays all the secret seashells. The rewards you get for finding them all are worth trying: they include fragments of heart, a Seashell Detector, and more useful items. Well, probably you have already visited the Seashell Mansion, so you know what they are for.

By the way, the Seashell Sensor is one of the most useful purchases in there: when you’re near a seashell, it dings (though doesn’t tell exactly where it is hidden). It’s an option you can deactivate in the menu, but if you’re after them all, let it ding.

When X Doesn’t Mark the Spot 

Though the map is a great assistance in finding all the seashells, it doesn’t tell you exactly where to get them. Even more: some of them aren’t directly present on it. Instead of simply picking it up, you’ll need to solve a puzzle or play a mini-game. All the locations are approximate, so equip your imagination and listen to the sensor.

  • Not to go far, you can find one in the first dungeon already. There is a secret chamber that conceals a bonus for you. But there is no open entrance; use bombs to explode the wall where it’s vulnerable.
  • Bombs can be bought in Mabe Village, but it’s also home to two more seashells you can get as a reward for “trendy game”. Another one is right in the shop.
  • Dampe’s Shack lets you play the dungeon maker, and the rewards include another seashell.
  • Some of them need a little digging – quite literally, as they are hidden underground. To unbury them, you’ll have to purchase a shovel. You better also get yourself a Chain Chomp, a great assistant that may even tell you the exact location.
  • It’s an island, so others are underwater. You’ll need to learn to swim in order to dive, and then they become an easy game.
  • Fishing can also bring you two of the seashells.
  • Pegasus Boots empower you to run into the trees (for today’s players it will remind Platform 9 ¾; yet the old-timers, on the contrary, might reminisce of the original Link’s Awakening, seeing Harry Potter run through the wall). Inside these trees you may find more seashells; listen to the ding, again.
  • Holes in the ground may be as promising as they seem. They ask you for a bomb; throw It in and see what’s next.

Near the Animal Village there is a very special one that you get after playing a tune. Earlier this place offered a puzzle to solve with the music; now here is a seashell.

Does It Remake Sense?

While the remade Link’s Awakening follows the narrative and mostly the gameplay of the original game, it has lots of perks for the remake to be more than just the revamped original. Seashell hunting is one of these, and it enriches the game. So we didn’t give you all the clues for a reason: it would have been a crime to completely spoil it. We hope you’ll enjoy this Zelda installment as much as it deserves.