You Are Able to Delete Sent Snapchat Message

  • 09-07-2019 |
  • Polad Aladi

Probably, you have Snapchat downloaded on your smartphone. This is a top-rated messaging application available both for users of Android and iOS mobile devices. It is based on person-to-person sharing of photos and other multimedia which can be called as “snaps”. The content can be edited with the use of numerous filters and sent to a person in contacts privately or to public. You can take pictures and capture videos directly from the app. But the coolest feature is that the content disappears just after it has been viewed by a recipient. This is a default option.

But there is a feature allowing you to delete your sent message before a receiver views it. There are plenty of reasons for such decision which are not discussed now. In this article, we suggest a brief guide to perform the above option.

Details of deleting

Smartphone emoji messaging

Open your application and go to Friends page that is easy to do with simple swiping. Here you should choose Chat column, and the app will show a list of those chats. You can continue and send a message or find the one having been sent before and tap it holding longer than you usually do. You will see a pop-up menu with a command you need – Delete. Tap on this button and relax. Your insulting, unsound or just awkward message will not be seen by that contact. It is possible to delete the entire conversation choosing More in the pop-up menu and then tapping Clear Conversation History. This stunning feature is available for one-on-one and group chats.

But though the app promises to delete this content from your friend’s chat screen and its servers, you cannot rely on this completely. The poor Internet service used by this friend can prevent the feature to be performed. And that is definitely a confusion because he will see message despite your efforts. Another reason for failure is an older version of Snapchat installed on the device of that friend. And you should know that everybody will know that something is deleted. This trace can be found in your smartphone, and the friend will receive a notification that something was deleted. Well, choose the lesser of two evils.

Far-sightedness first

As you see, this is extremely easy to delete a message you have sent. The process is simple and short. But unfortunately, those limits can spoil the deal. What can we recommend to avoid it? If you communicate with someone, you feel that such a situation is possible, figure out the above two moments before chatting. Only in this way you can prevent undesired consequences.