Which Games Help Reduce Stress?

  • 01-08-2019 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

Our routine days are full of stressors: problems at work, at home, and so on. All this leads to a bad mood and increased anxiety. Therefore, it's advisable to take a break, find the time for yourself, take a deep inhale, and just relax. In this post, we have collected a list of 5 free games for you that will help you escape from everyday activities into relaxation. 

Game #1: Colorfy

Colorfy game screenshot

Who said that coloring book was designed only for kids? Colorfy is an exciting app for adults that is available on Android and iOS devices. There are a lot of pictures of flowers, mandala, and animals that you need to colorize. You can do it whenever even without a wi-fi connection. It has long been proven that color therapy is a good helper in stress management. The app is free to install and play, and the control panel is really simple. You just need to tap to paint and pinch to zoom. Everything is done so that you can create a unique design with filters and additional effects. It is one of the best games to forget about all problems and lose a sense of time. 

Game #2: Flow

Flow game screenshot

Have you heard the phrase: ‘Just go with the flow’? Now, you can go with the Flow game! It was created by two independent developers — Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. It is one of the oldest games, launched in 2006. The gameplay and design are simple and intuitive. Here you need to guide a small snake-like creature that lives in the aquatic world. Along the way, you need to eat other microorganisms to evolve and become bigger. But together with defenseless creatures, you will also meet aggressive organisms. In order to defeat them, you will need to develop a game strategy.

Game #3: Music Catch

Music Catch game screenshot

It is not a secret that music also helps to relieve stress and find harmony. Therefore, Music Catch is exactly what you need. The game was developed by Reflexive Entertainment for iOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Music Catch has gained great popularity on the Kongregate game site. The gameplay is pretty simple. The different color shapes are always falling on the screen, and you, as a player, need to catch them with the cursor. As such, you grant points, but, at the same time, there are red shapes that can lead to penalties. The nice music plays in the background. 

Game #4: Word Search Pro

Word Search Pro game screenshot

Don’t be scared! ‘Pro’ does not mean that there is a paid game. Word Search as other titles in this list is completely free to install and download. It was developed by Cuqqa for iOS and Android devices. The game is listed in the Puzzle category. It is an alternative to the classical crossword scrabble game. Word Search has more than 180 puzzle categories and 30K unique words. A player can choose among 3 modes: classic, sequential, and timed — everything you need to boost your brain. Moreover, users can even play the game without an Internet connection. Your progress will be saved automatically. 

Game #5: Choices

Choices game screenshot

Always dreamed of being the one who determines the fate of people? The Choices game will help make your dreams come true. Here you can choose the story you want to play. They include (but are not limited to them) the story of a freshman at Harvard University, the story about a kingdom, the dating game, and much more! Some stories are full of love and romance, some full of magic or horror. It is a free to play title, but if you want to buy additional items you need to pay some real money. Every story is unique and depends only on your choices. 

Which one will you choose?

There was a list of games that will help you to relieve the stress and relax after the hard day. Which one do you like the most? Colorfy, Flow, Music Catch, Word Search Pro or, maybe, Choices. Share with us in the comments below.