Intelligent Video Games for Those Who Do Not Want to Waste Time

  • 16-07-2019 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

What is gaming for? You can answer that this is the way for you to relax and amuse yourself, but we can add that most games provide you with training and development in various fields. Though, of course, there are such products, which are created for fun only. This article is not about them. We are going to consider games, making you think thoroughly, master various skills... and feel healthier. We’ll bet you cannot even imagine how useful they can be.

Just think of it! When you play, you slow down your aging and keep your mind in shape. When you exercise your mind completing challenges, it gets sharper. You enhance your brain cognitive flexibility as far as almost any quick game requires your constant thinking. Some games influence our ability to make decisions when we are expected to cope with fast-paced events, to take sensory data and transfer it into a decision. Another good news is that gaming is able to help your eyesight, to improve eye coordination, focus, and attention, to enhance an ability known as a contrast sensitivity function. And eventually, due to co-op modes and tournaments, gamers build stronger relationship compared to most non-gamers.

As you see, there are so many benefits from playing. If you have refused this type of entertainment before, you should start with intelligent video games right now. Are you ready to try something thought-provoking? We are going to make recommendations.

List of Games Worth of your Attention

Papers, Please

Paper Please game screenshot

It is about immigration policy. Here you will have to make individual choices, stand against totalitarianism of some fictitious communist country, and do a lot of other things. There are national security interests which should be respected. Navigating a customs and immigration officer, you will know a lot of details about a process of immigration and have real fun. Your key task is to review the papers of tourists and immigrants. People will claim various reasons to go abroad, and you should ensure that they tell the truth. If something is wrong, you should alert the authorities. 

You are paid for your work in the case is you process a departing person in a proper way. And even if someone has incorrect paperwork, he can give you bribe and get your approval. It looks like in real life, does not it? When a working day is over, you spend the money you earned purchasing food, utilities and other things you need to keep your family. It is important to prevent weak pockets. So, everything you do is for your family. The game is well-designed and pleases your eyes and shows that you are not able to change the system even if you try.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable game screenshot

This is a walking simulator combining plenty of interesting options and a clear smart story. It can boast of cool mechanics. Your character, obedient salaryman, Stanley, will be directed by a narrator telling him which option should be applied. He will make his choice among available features. But you are not expected to follow that speaker at all. 

You are free to complete any task you prefer. For instance, there are two doors. You should decide which one you will enter. But your choices can lead to a room without choices because it is unfinished by the developer. The game suggests plenty of endings which depend on your every choice. By making it, you understand that you are able to control your way while you play. This game is full of humor. We would say that this is an experiment with an interactive narrative. 

The developers try to impress with new storytelling which includes plenty of scenarios. Who manipulates you? And whom do you manipulate? It is rather interesting to discover all endings of those numerous stories developed in restricted environments. Change the tracks and explore the boredom in its madness.

The Bioshock Series

BioShock 2 game screenshot

Here you will face ideological utopia. Do you believe in free will? Make choices, and you will see the result. Be ready for multiple endings depending on your decisions and morality. 

Start with the first game. You will explore the fantastic cities of Rapture and Columbia and find out more about attempts to apply utopian social philosophy in reality. In the city of Rapture, you will have to cope with the situation when greedy people live under the conditions of limited resources. 

Bioshock 2 delivers a lot of fun. If in the first part you are shown what individualist extremism is, here you will know what collectivist extremism is. 

The third part, Bioshock Infinite, contains the idea of American exceptionalism and revolutionary mood. You will follow the developer’s plan and explore the world in this game, diving into issues of free will and metaphysics.

Missile Command

Missile Command game screenshot

This arcade game is about Nuclear war and moral choices. It is not lasting and complicated, but full of challenges. First, we should mention that this is a version of the origin which is loved by millions. The update brings improved gameplay, new bosses, updated graphics and more. As to the idea, it is well built. We do not know which things will matter the next moment. You will navigate the commander of missile bases defending six cities with limited weapons from nuclear attack. If the cities are ruined, the game is over. 

You will be presented with challenges: whether cities should be saved or you’d better let one of them be destroyed because it will conserve ammunition. Any decision will cause consequences. This game manages to explore the atmosphere of a nuclear war more powerful compared to other familiar games due to its perfect mechanics.

Victoria II

Victoria II game screenshot

This game with stunning mechanics allows you to understand how to implement the idea of progress. You are suggested to choose a country and guide it from 1836 to 1936 earning points if you succeed in boosting industry and economy, building a large army and achieving the best results in diplomacy. You will get social and scientific advances discovering unbelievable things and introduce them in real life. The diplomats will do their best to balance the system and avoid crises, but they still occur. 

Again you face new trials. Take sides, make the right decisions to keep the peace. It will be needed to join some other countries to escape loss. There will be a lot of social issues brought on by the changes. If you fail to cope with this, world war will start. The breaks out are also possible. But you have unique weapons produced due to that advance in science. You can kill millions, and the wars will continue for years. Slow decay is coming. You will watch how communist and fascist dictatorships develop all over the world. The liberal democracy gets week and non-efficient. You will follow that progress and overpass a lot of disasters and wars. In the long run, you will ask: does any progress lead to decline?

Stay Smart

The video games can be addictive and distract you from your routine or work, that is why you should limit your time spent on this activity. They are usually taken as pure fun, but if every so often you choose the games which are much deeper than entertainment, you will make good use of your spare time. Such games suggest interactive elements and challenges intelligently and enlighten you. And if you take video games as art, you will enjoy graphics, music, design of key characters, storyline.