Fall Asleep With Digital Nurse

  • 06-02-2019 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

If it takes you a minute to fall asleep, then you can miss this article. If you suffer from insomnia, then I hasten to inform you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I won’t recommend you count sheep. I suggest reading these short reviews of applications which help you fall asleep. I have tried some of them and promise that you will forget about stresses, anxiety, problems, troubles and all those thoughts running through your mind. Just relax and go to your dreams. Use innovative technologies to your advantage, be proactive and do not accept the situation which does not make you happy and healthy.

Why good sleep is so important?

Everyone wants to be healthy and lead an active life. In order to get your way, it is vital to sleep for a required number of hours, and the sleep should be of high quality. Otherwise, you should remember that poor sleep can result in depression, excess weight, reduced insulin activity, decreased productivity and concentration as far as sleep directly impacts on body and brain function. There are other health factors which are possible due to sleeping less than seven hours. And vice versa, if you rest at night in a proper way, you feel healthier, your immune function improves, you become more socially active and happy.

Calm – Make You Relax

The application uses meditation technologies which are developed to fall asleep in a natural way. Moreover, it includes a range of stories, music, and other gentle sounds making your nervous system to relax. The story can be chosen in accordance with the genre. There is content for kids and adults. There are even breathing sessions. You can use it not only being in bed but watching on the screen where there are moving beautiful pictures. It is possible to set a timer and apply the additional options like short video lessons with gentle stretching helping you to release tension and fall asleep.

You will feel refresh in the morning thanks to the efficiency of this app which is available almost with any device and OS. It is marketed free of charge, but there are in-app purchases and subscription plans which allow to get even more interesting features. If you doubt, use its try-before-you-buy option.

Relax Melodies: Beautiful Sounds

If you do not like single tone noises like rain or burning wood, then you should consider this utility with melodies recorded for the purpose to make the listener to relax. They are called Sleep Sounds which are adjusted by a user. You are offered to make your own mix. The catalogue includes sounds of nature, cities, and others. It is really easy to create the perfect individual effect. Apply Meditations, SleepMoves, and Breathe. The app suggests such additional features as bedtime reminder, alarm, nightstand clock, and timer. It is available free of charge and suggests in-app purchases for extra features.                      

White Noise Lite – Record Your Compositions

White Noise Lite is packed with various sounds. Enjoy ocean waves, a crackling campfire and whatever you like. You can be creative and make your own compositions mixing sounds using the in-app recorder. Here you also can apply an alarm clock, bedside clock, and timer. Listen to white, pink, brown, blue, violet noise and reduce stress, get rid of headaches and fall asleep. It is free, and there are in-app purchases which allow removing the ads and get more stunning features.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds – Plenty of Rain Versions

This is about rain. If you like the sound of downpour or drizzle, you will be satisfied with this utility to the highest degree. Here there are soundtracks with thunderstorms, splashes of ocean waves. In addition to water, you are offered sounds of nature and others which can soothe a person. You are allowed to mark favorites so that it could be much easier and faster to access them next time. There is a timer perfect for fade-out and different modes for the big picture and a nightlight. AirPlay is available. Being free this app includes in-app purchases if you want to get new packs. The developer offers an unlimited app version for money too.

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

This free app resembles all others described above, but here you will find attractive sleep and nap options. You will fall asleep in no time, sleep soundly and awake fresh and lifeful. There is the Focus feature allowing to adjust the intensity of sound effects. You may connect with HealthKit. There is a premium version which is to be paid for. There are also other in-app purchases for additional features.


As you see those applications really look alike as to their functionality. You can judge their collections, quality of sounding, the convenience of interface and design. Those parameters will help you to make a decision. I would try each of them as far as they are available for free and find the utility which I’ve been looking for.