How to play "classic" wargames with miniatures

 "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." Sun Tzu

Making of

  The making of a map board in a few steps. I start by cutting a 3mm thick PVC board to dimensions (40cm x 55.3cm). After that, I trace the hex grid (10 x 16 hex) onto it. I can then mark on the different terrain features (Hills, roads, rivers...).

  The next step, I glue on the elevations, trace the hexgrid on them, then I apply a black undercoat. The board is now ready for the scatter material.

  Then I work on the surface to enlight the different features. For that purpose, I use a few tricks of the 19th century cartographers. The board is now ready to receive forests, buildings, fields...

  Except for the scatter material, I make everything myself : buildings, forests, bridges... All this process takes a lot of time. Below : "Squad Leader" maps 1 to 4 during fabrication.