How to play "classic" wargames with miniatures

"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons." Gen MacArthur

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Irregular Miniatures

To my knowledge, the only 2mm scale miniature makers.

Heroics & Ros

Big choice of 6mm WWII miniatures at reasonable price.

Oddzyal Osmy (Pico Armor)

Pico Armor retails this excellent range of 3mm WWII figures.

Jours de Gloire

Fréderic Bey's websitesite, "Jours de Gloire" rules are there, also a few other games like "Au fil de l'épée".

Avalanche press

"PanzerGrenadier" editor's website. You should find the rules on line there.

Squad Leader preasl

A Yahoo group dedicated to "Squad Leader". Plenty of nice stuff.


This website proposes a "PanzerBlitz" variant, maps, and army lists.