How to play "classic" wargames with miniatures

    "If you are short everything except ennemy, you’re in combat."        Murphy's military laws

1/3000th Scale

  At this scale, a hex represents 120m of real terrain. This allows me to play some tactical WWII games at platoon level, like "PanzerGrenadier", or some battalion level napoleonic like Fréderic Bey's "Jours de Gloire". In project some medieval with "Au fil de l'épée", still Fréderic Bey's.

 For the counters, I use three different scales of miniatures : 3mm and 6mm for WWII and 2mm for napoleonic.

On these pictures we can compare the different sizes.

On the left, 3mm germans from oddzial Osmy (distributed by Pico Armor) et 6mm from Heroic & Ross.

On the right, some 2mm Irregular napoleonic .

  A few examples of maps I made for this scale. Each one mesures 55.3cm x 40cm, which represents 1650m x 1200m of real terrain. All are géo-morphics.

  You will find below some pictures of games, and landscapes.