How to play "classic" wargames with miniatures

" Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." Sun Tzu

1/1000th Scale

  This scale allows me to play tactical games at squad level. My favorite is still "Squad Leader".I have to admit that I like the look of "Hill 621". Each hex represents 40 meters of real terrain from side to side. The height of the terrain elements is calculated to respect the differences of elevation level. The buildings are slightly oversized.

  For the counters, I use two different miniature scales  : 3mm and 6mm. Both fit very well. Maybe the 6mm is more "readable".

  On the picture on the left, we can compare the different sizes. On the left a 6mm T34/76 from Heroics & Ross , on the right the one in 3mm from oddzial Osmy (distributed by Pico Armor), and in the center some 3mm and 6mm russian infantry from these same brands.

  A few examples of maps I made for this scale. Do you recognise them ?  Each map is in two parts and measures 110.6cm x 40cm, which représents 1100m x 400m in real terrain.

  You will find below some pictures of games, and landscapes.